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our mission

Spread the message of female empowerment (whats the big deal with it?)

We are very aware that the most important part of your beauty as a woman lies on the inside, not on the outside. Because of the messages we get from our environments everyday, sometimes it can be hard to keep that fact in mind. Many of us tend to focus on what we see as flaws/deficits/shortcomings with our physical appearance, and ignore both our inner and outer beauty.  Some of us fall so deeply into this behavior, that we stop acknowledging even the things that we used to "like" about ourselves. So where does that leave our confidence? In a perfect world we wouldn't be bothered at all. But thats not where we live, so something has to be done. 


Make Quality Boudoir Photography accessible to more women

"Look good - Feel good"... Many of the ladies who contact us about booking a session tell us that they've tried taking sexy pics before. Some of them tried having a friend take them, some tried to shoot them with their cellphone, some of them found a deal on Groupon. Either way something didn't go as planned, and when the pictures didn't come out the way they expected, they felt worse than before. Many say they always wanted to have a QUALITY photo session, but they thought the pictures would still look bad and they would waste alot of money.  We can help with these issues.

Even the playing field between "Models" and "Real Women"

What most people don't realize is that models and celebs aren't as "perfect" looking as the tv would like you to think. Ever met a famous person and realized "Wow, they look alot different on tv!"? Makeup, lighting, cosmetic surgery and editing are why the people on tv look so "flawless", but in the real world everyone has flaws. Famous people have the best photographers in the world to help highlight their beauty. We thought this seemed a little unfair, so we decided to hit the road and do something about it. 

Here's how we're helping.

Positive Energy

Even though we are photographers and our job is to capture images of your physical beauty, we focus on the more important aspects of beauty which are internal.  We aim to create an environment that is fun, exciting, and filled with positive energy.  Our job is to remind you of who you are, and why you're positively beautiful.  Our events are meant to be a "jumpstart" to get you back on the right track of confidence. Sort of like the way a cup of good coffee can jumpstart your day.

Bringing the Talent to You

The ladies we are here to help are spread all over the country. Some aren't in an area where Boudoir Photography is popular, and therefore may be limited to a very small selection of photographers that specialize in weddings, family photos, or regular portraiture photography. Boudoir is a specialized skill that takes knowledge and understanding of posing the female form, understanding light and shadow, body types, and positive reinforcement during the shoot. Masters of this craft are usually limited to the biggest cities, and many only work with models or for publications.  We've learned to coordinate our events in a way that allows us to travel to an area for about a week and offer our talents to as many women as possible, without compromising on quality.

Working with "Real Women"

Real women have obligations (jobs, kids, schedules, budgets, etc...) Since we understand that any or all of these things can keep you from doing things for yourself, we've worked hard to create a balanced system that will allow you to work your photo session into your busy life.  We offer sessions on both the weekdays and the weekends, and we offer morning, afternoon, and evening sessions. We've designed the sessions to give you the best experience in a short amount of time. We've created packages that won't break your bank, and payment plans that can be customized to best work with your budget. We've created a unique system that is truly "just for you".

Even More...

All that sounds great right? What could make it even better? We give away alot of discounts, and even free sessions. Why? Because we realize that the problem of low self image can be so strong that many times the barrier to entry of a session fee (even a small session fee) can be enough of a deterrent to keep someone from getting the boost they need.  "My pictures probably won't look good", or "I'd rather spend the money on my kids", or "My best days are behind me"... Do any of these excuses sound familiar?  Discounts, promotions and giveaways help us to defeat these mentalities.

We heard...

"This was such a wonderful experience! I would have never done anything like this, but I saw your giveaway and figured ... "Why the heck not? I'll give it a shot"... I'm so glad I did!" 

So we listened.

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