Meet Bontisha

As a younger woman I remember avoiding the mirror for fear of the imperfections that stared back at me. Gosh, and good luck trying to get me in front of the camera. Shooting boudoir forced me to deal with my own insecurities about my self image. Now that I am raising a daughter it is even more important to me how I see myself. I want her to learn what a beautiful woman is by what she sees at home. Not what she sees on TV and in magazines.


I'm always inspired by the guts it takes to book this type of session. I am empowered by empowering women. I feel like I've done my job every time one of my ladies calls me telling me how much she loves her images, and how they have positively impacted her life.


While positive self image is a constant battle I hope that we can learn to let our negative thoughts go up in flames, and rise up as confident women. Just like the "firebird"... the Phoenix. Thats why our events are called "Phoenix Rose"... Lets rise!



Bontisha Rose